Pleasanton Farmer's Market

Jamba Juice


The Pleasanton Farmer's Market draws crowds every Saturday as vendors line West Angela Street in Downtown Pleasanton to sell their produce and goods. The friendly, organic, craftdriven atmosphere is not reflected in their current marketing and website. I chose to create a new logo and redesign the site to match the great weekly event.

Jamba Juice

Prototyping & User Testing

Before creating the initial prototype, I began by doing some field research to identify the demographics of the market. I interviewed both visitors and vendors to see what they had to say about their experience at the market. I listened to their stories and learned their needs. With this information in mind, a clickable prototype was created with the information they expected from a website. I conducted a simple user testing session with timed tasks and a survey.

Jamba Juice


Several iterations were completed to make the site intuitive and usable. I quickly made changes based on feedback received from users of the initial prototype. The visual design also went through changes to best fit the demographics and user comments.